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"fighting for - music" by Ingeborg Poffet

in the anthology of female musicians
giving birth to sound - women in creative music 
buddy's knife jazz edition/Renate Da Rin, cologne

book-vernissage 12.07.2015 @ vision festival, New York 

available @ www.buddysknife.de www.amazon.de www.spdbooks.org (USD)

Renate Da Rin and William Parker have invited 48 creative women sound artists to share their experiences in the process of creating music and living as an artist. These women come from North and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

giving birth to sound” is about Her-story as told by some of the most brilliant and creative women musicians in the world. Individual thinkers and movers who have been brave enough to devote their lives to the making of music the way they hear it. They were not afraid to sing and speak in the name of sound, showing us that they are a family of unique individuals, separate but united.

Read their words and listen to their music whenever you can – it will take you even closer to the great mystery called life.

Foreword by Amina Claudine Myers

Among the great musicians we find Jay Clayton, Marilyn Crispell, Claudine François, Terry Jenoure, Ingrid Laubrock, Marilyn Mazur, Nicole Mitchell, Maggie Nicols, Angelika Niescier, Lisa Sokolov, Ijeoma Chinue Thomas, Fay Victor …

Rezeptheft der Museen Basel 
mit dem Originalrezept von Ingeborg Poffet:

nkisi n'kondi-Maniok-Beinli

inspiriert vom Kunstobjekt nkisi n'kondi

Rezeptheft gratis in allen Museen Basel Veröffentlichung 19. Mai 2015

und da echte Nachfrage besteht wird auf Wunsch jeder Bestellung ein solches beigelegt. 

Die Erzählung: Wege gehend von Ingeborg Poffet 

in der Anthologie 
Querschnitte Herbst 2012, Nebel Streif Zug der Literatur: Band 2, 
Novum Verlag, Österreich 2012, Taschenbuch 
ISBN-13: 9783990269107