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biography Denis Beuret, live musician of music-video-Art-project: opsonization                  deutsch    francais 
@ Gutenbergmuseum, Switzerland

Denis Beuret                                  

basstrombone, electronic, composition

Denis Beuret is established as composer as well as trombone-player. He plays solos but also works in formations with contemporary music, electro-acoustic-music, improvised music and Jazz in Europe and Asia with renowned musicians. He created more than 140 compositions and worked on many cd-productions. Looking for new trombone-sounds he has specialized on expanded techniques of playing his instrument, integrated live-electronic, musically programming and music-informatics. Beuret has developed a bass-trombone with special senses, that for he is able to control musically computer-programs with sonds and moves. 

Denis Beuret is living in Semsales, Switzerland. He is involved in cultural-politics, such as cultural-minister of Switzerland (2010-2011), leader of the Association Nouvelles Créations and director of the annual Patchwork-Festival in Délémont.