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Duo Fatale meets Mr.Yii @ int. festival GONGS & SKINS
National Theatre in Mandalay, Myanmar 2015

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JOPO & Ingeborg Poffet (Switzerland) tour world-wide as Duo fatale. They play regularly on int. festival-stages as well as in small club-concerts or filmmusic-studios. They work with electronic, are producers and create nonstop new formations, compositions, concepts, multi-media-events (with projections, installations, chain-saws and movies), CDs & DVDs, scores, booklets, books and other projects. Both are composers, teachers and producers as well as soloists for different projects. They have won several awards and have worked with different int. musicians like: Udhai Mazumdar, Makaya Ntshoko, Murat Coskun, Iwan Gunawan, Pt. Arjun Shejwal, Mani Neumeier and many others.

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