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JOPO sax, bass-clarinet (CH)

Ingeborg Poffet e-acco, voice, perc (CH)

Roman Stolyar piano (Russia)

due to Covid-19
the tour will be postboned to autumn/winter 2020

RUSSIA-tour in april 2020

8.04.      concert in Voronezh (Petrovski Book Club)
9.04.      concert in Moscow (DOM Cultural Center)
10.04.    concert in Arkhangelsk
             (Arkhangelsk Jazz Production Center)
12.04.    concert in Saint Petersburg (Gromov Art Gallery)
13.04.    concert in Perm (Triumph Private Philharmonics)
14.04.    concert in Yekaterinburg (Everjazz Club)
15.04.    concert in Yaroslavl (Yaroslavl Jazz Club)

(some changes might be possible)

photo 2019 - concert: European Improvised Music Conference EIMC @ Exploratorium Berlin
here with James Aylward (Tasmania) on bassoon and Tomomi Fukagawa (Japan)on perc