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releases from Poffet & Poffet music-production

music-video-Art-project: opsonization

electro-acoustic-visually-3-D-surround-inspirations from (a travel through) the human body
concept, music & visuals by Duo fatale (JOPO & Ingeborg Poffet)
medical recordings by Dr. med. Daniel Müller

JOPO cl, bcl, saxes, elec, Ingeborg Poffet acco, dan bàu, voc, elec, Thomas G. Schoch flügelhorn, tp, elec; 12 scenes from the live-performance; XOPf-Records Nr. 044 (2010)  Sound , Fr. 20,- / € 15,- order here

music-video-Art-project: GhosttownSOUND

Duo fatale (JOPO & Ingeborg Poffet) music & Fabian Müller video
based on original paintings by Heinz Schäublin (XOPF-Records Nr. 040) 2007 

€ 20,- / Fr. 34,- SOUND

MC & slides

Indianer in Manhattan, music-slide-cassette by 

trio fatale vision (Edition Zeig, Basel), 1991
music by Duo fatale (JOPO & Ingeborg Poffet)
ictures by Heinz Schäublin

common filmprojects:

TUURAIN TUVURGUUN - in a country which is moving and going ahead
 from Toby Wulff, with a documentation from the 7th int. festival "Roaring Hoofs 2005" incl. original-music by Duo fatale (JOPO & Ingeborg Poffet),
available at Toby Wulff Filmproduktion, Berlin

Der letzte Coiffeur vor der Wettsteinbrücke
 (by J.Falk/Ch.Jamin), Soundtrack, Music by Idee & Klang, JOPO as, bar-sax, Ingeborg Poffet accordeon, 2003

DVDs & CDs -releases movies, Ingeborg Poffet playing accordion, filmmusic by Niki Reiser

Huck Finn
by Hermine Huntgeburth 
music by Niki Reiser
Ingeborg Poffet accordion 

Das Blaue vom Himmel
by Hans Steinbichler 
music by Niki Reiser 
Ingeborg Poffet accordion
ahoi Musikverlag 

Maria ihm schmeckt's nicht
by Neele Leanda Vollmar
music by Niki Reiser 
Ingeborg Poffet accordion Original-Soundtrack 
Königskinder Music GmbH, 2009, EAN 4046661169324

Alles auf Zucker! 
by Dani Levi, music by Niki Reiser; Ingeborg Poffet accordion with WDR-Big-Band, Original-Soundtrack, normal records 266 Deutscher Filmpreis 2005 u.a. Bester Film Gold, Beste Filmmusik....2004/2005

Väter (by Dani Levy), music by Niki Reiser, Ingeborg Poffet accordion, Original-Soundtrack, normal-records Nr.241, 2002

Das Trio (with Götz George, by Hermine Huntgeburth), music by Niki Reiser, Ingeborg Poffet accordion, Soundtrack, BMG Ariola,1998

Keiner liebt mich (by Doris Dörrie), music by Niki Reiser, Ingeborg Poffet accordion, Soundtrack, Emi Electrola (7243 8 32217 21), 1995 

I was on mars (by Dani Levi), music by Niki Reiser, Ingeborg Poffet accordion, Soundtrack, Nik 001, 1991