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JOPO sax, bassclarinet

Ingeborg Poffet accordion, piano, voice

Yii Kah Hoe bamboo flutes

contemporary improvisations and traditional chinese songs

concerts 2015 @ int. festival GONGS & SKINS in Myanmar 2015: National Theatre, Mandalay & Aythaya Vineyard 

Duo Fatale meets Mr.Yii @ int. festival GONGS & SKINS
National Theatre in Mandalay, Myanmar 2015

JOPO, Ingeborg Poffet and Yii Kah Hoe met during the int. GONGS & SKINS festival 2015 in Myanmar. Being composers and improvisers, the three musicians wanted to work out a program for the running festival. So they have played at two concerts in Ayethaya-Vienyard as well as at the final concert of the festival in the National Theatre in Mandalay. Having great success, they want to go on with the collaboration work.

more information about JOPO & Ingeborg Poffet on this website, as Duo fatale here
more informations about Yii Kah Hoe here

Duo Fatale meets Mr.Yii @ int. festival GONGS & SKINS
Aythaya Vineyard, Myanmar 2015