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JOPO as, bcl, voc 

Ingeborg Poffet acco, voc

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double-CD: the 25-years-compilation 2014

Fatalos Remix Duo fatale
XOPF-Records 048 

forever cheeky, lively sound, unvarnished and direct, yet delicate

together with CD jaishtRonicS by JAISH,  

XOPF-Records 049 2014

1. Apollon's Garden – the fatale-Fethyie-house      (JOPO) 6'02''
2. Fullmoon (JOPO) 8'44''
3. Suffering Boy (Ingeborg Poffet) 5'23''
4. Fluidum (Ingeborg Poffet) 2'17''
5. Enneva Lanka (JOPO & Ingeborg Poffet) 17'36''
6. Ethno voices (JOPO & Ingeborg Poffet) 2'41''
7. Sunday Waltz (JOPO) 2'42''

Total 45'42''

Rec. jan. 1990 at Musikwerkstatt Basel
by JOPO & Ingeborg Poffet 

Remastered 2014 by JOPO 
cover by Ingeborg Poffet,
1st cover-design Heinz Schäublin
cover-photo by Peter Tscherter 

Fatalos is dedicated to Harvey

c & p 1990/2014 SUISA
XOPF-Records CD Nr. 048,
worldwide distribution by

Produced by Poffet & Poffet music-production

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