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the new CD Roulette-Circles out on XOPF-Records:

physically & digitally release 21./22. october2018

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Duo fatale


the World-Jazz-Project

JOPO as, voc, perc

Ingeborg Poffet e-acco, voc, perc

CD XOPF-Records Nr. 053


1. Circle (JOPO) 7'33''

2. Roulette - take full risk to make the world a better place (Ingeborg Poffet) 7'49''

3. Walk on the Carpet (JOPO) 9'02''

4. Pelling at first Sight (Ingeborg Poffet) 6'03''

5. Pictures from Betwa-River (JOPO) 7'40''

6. Real Things (JOPO) 7'11''

total time 45'26''

recorded, mixed & mastered by
Poffet & Poffet music-production
at the Fatale-Fethyie-House, France

© 2018 SUISA

Duo fatale plays the new program Roulette-Circles
in duo-concerts as well as in collaborations, see videos.

3./4.03.2018 & 10. /11.03.2018 
studio-recording with Duo fatale 
of the demo for thenew world-jazz-project 2018: 
@ studio audio-création, Liebsdorf, France