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from Switzerland:

JOPO saxes, voc &
Ingeborg Poffet 
acco, v-acco,voc, perc 

from Brasil:
Roberto Majouba Dos Santos
perc, dr, b, voc  

the groovy music-wellness

next concert: 
Festival 35 years Musikwerkstatt Basel, 17:00 h
Open Air, Claramatte Basel

with special guest Baye Magatte (Senegal/Africa) ondjembe

SPA: SaxPerAcco - the groovy music-wellness 
intercontinental-swiss alpine-formation

music from around the world and own compositions, influenced by Jazz & contemporary world-music

with a fatale swing, feel the Reaggae, Musette in 5/4, Polka in 7/8, Blues in 11/4 a.s.o.

SPA: SaxPerAcco 
eco.festival Basel, Barfüsserplatz, main stage Open Air, 

sunday 29.03.2015, 11:15 h (Matinée!)

SPA: SaxPerAcco  

with special guest Yatachi (Kongo, Brazaville) trumpet 
16.11.2014 @ Musikwerkstatt Basel 17 h