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CD: Jazz U Ba   SPA: SaxPerAcco

JOPO as, bcl, voc
Ingeborg Poffet acco, voc, perc
Majouba dr, perc, b

1. Scenario-Reaggae - 6'02'' (JOPO)
2. Goa-Blues - 8'04'' (JOPO)
3. Walk on the Carpet - 8'26'' 
     (JOPO music & lyrics)
4. Femme-Fatale Musette - 7'05''
     (Ingeborg Poffet)
5. Polka di Goa - 5'32'' (Ingeborg Poffet)
6. Crossroads - 3'31'' (JOPO)
7. Real Things - 5'17'' (JOPO)
8. Humanity Dance - 9'17'' (JOPO)

XOPF-Records 050, 2015
total time 53'16'', 
SUISA 2015

CD recorded 2015 @ Blackbold Studio Birsfelden, recording engineer Roberto DosSantos 
recording, mixing & mastering @ the Fatale-Fethyie-House, France
cover by Ingeborg Poffet, photos by JOPO & Ingeborg Poffet

The title Jazz U Ba is a word-play, corresponding with the swiss-german: Jazz Us Basel, but meaning: thank you in burmanese! Because this is what you say after a good SPA-massage: thank you! Having this experience in Mynamar while thinking of a title for this record - suddenly it's all been clear.

to the titles on the cd:

1. Scenario-Reaggae & 8. Humanity Dance 
from the multi-media-performance: "Blauhelme im Röstigraben" concerning refugees, in demand for the „day of the fugitive 1996“ by trio fatale vision in co-production with the swiss refugee-help

3. Goa-Blues lyrics by JOPO (in swiss-german, please look below)
being once a hippie and young travelers destination, Goa has become more and more also a short time masstourist place, where the tourists at the beach are not meditating in the sand anymore ...

4. Walk on the Carpet & 7. Crossroads
from the project: Indian Book.Duo / Indian Book.Trio inspired by north-hindustani-music

5. Femme-Fatale-Musette
from the scenic multi-media-project: femme fatale 2003
with dance, son et lumière and chain-saws 

6. Polka di Goa 
from multi-media-project/Musical-Picture-Rooms "Jardin lumière" by trio fatale vision

7. Real Things
from the acoustic-electronical-project: jaishtRonicS with JAISH  

Goa-Blues, lyrics by JOPO

Ooo-ttooos sind sind jetzt am Strand

s'isch jetzt au do so wyt

d'Büüch sin im Ligstuel

d'Meditation isch nümme aktuell

s'Bier isch so billig do

und e Schnaps isch au doo nid tüür

Ayurveda isch doo jetzt am Drügger

wenn au dr Schaps nüt me hilft

und dr Buuch die Lascht nümme will

jo denn isch Zyt zum go zum go

denn isch Zyt für Go-aaaaa